Uberfix MD Car Diagnostic


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Have you ever been upset when a check engine light came on your dashboard? In the past, you’d have to take it to a dealer and possibly spend hundreds of dollars to diagnose the problem. So when a “trouble light” comes on, you want to pinpoint the problem instantly and fix it fast! Now you can have your own “diagnostic computer” which is as good or probably better than the one your dealer has! Uberfix MD is an amazing product of microchip technology. It easily plugs into the “diagnostic port” that is in every car made since 1996, and instantly tells you exactly what is wrong with your car through a simple-to-use smartphone app!

Uberfix MD pinpoints the problem and tells you what to do! It comes with an integrated smartphone app that is connected to online data that shows you how you keep your car running smoothly and problem-free! Uberfix MD plugs into your car in minutes. Just find the diagnostic port on your car and pop it in! You can leave it in all the time, and it will constantly transmit data about your car’s health.

Never visit the rip-off dealers again! Never spend $200, $300, or more to get fake information and needless repairs.

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