Car Ozonator


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Have you ever entered your car and winced at how stinky it was inside? Does your car have a mildew odor? Do you have kids who leave fast food all over the car, and maybe some of it even went rotten or moldy? Does your seat upholstery smell musty or old? Or do you even get an allergic reaction when you drive? Like watery eyes or sneezing? Most cars are a breathe ground for bacteria, mold, and odors. But you can always breath clean air inside your car when you own the CAR OZONATOR! This hi-tech device uses the power of positive ions to sweep clean your air of odors, bacteria, and mildew smells. It makes the air smell “after the rain” fresh, and causes microscopic particles to “wash away”. Just plug it in, and it safely and silently scrubs the air. No more smells, no more pollen, no more spoiled-food smells! This is the greatest device you can own for your health. Don’t be embarrassed when a date or a friend enters your automobile. Continuously clean the air every time you drive!

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