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Have you ever watched those horrific videos on YouTube about crazy babysitters? Or have you ever seen what a home break-in looks like? If you ever wondered what’s going on in your house when you’re away, then you need the full-featured SecureWatch. Now you can watch kids, pets, and check for intrusions wherever you are. Just turn on your smartphone with the included app and see everything going on when you’re away! The smart motion sensor records video on Micro SD card. Watch what your kids are doing and have a two-way conversation. Take video or still photos. Spy on the babysitter. Is the sitter drunk or taking drugs? Is your kid alone? Is someone cheating on you at home? Breaking into your house? Even see clearly at night with the IR camera!! You can have recorded proof of anything. Have total peace of mind. High grade lens, strong battery, built in mic and speaker. Super sharp and clear images! This is the best buy in a full-featured home security setup!

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